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From freelancing to owning a firm or agency, becoming a Virtual Assistant is no easy feat! But with a little bit of training and support, it is definitely a VERY attainable career! Our virtual assistant 1:1 coaching sessions are offered at the novice, intermediate, and advanced levels to provide support to current VAs and aspiring VAs. 

 A couple of things you should know about being a VA:

  • There is no degree or certification required to be a successful Virtual Assistant. Most companies or clients do usually look for some experience or coaching in this area. 

  • There is minimal start up cost. If you already own a laptop or desktop, you are pretty much ready to go! 

  • YOU set your own rates. YOU SET YOUR OWN RATES! You do not pay a percentage to anyone. You are a contractor that negotiates their own rate. *The average is noted as somewhere between $15- $30 per hour. 

  • You set your own hours. Because the work is remote, you set the hours and the standards by which your client must abide. There will be times that clients request certain blocks of time or certain tasks to be done a particular way, but that is completely up to YOU. 

  • Be sure to set a little aside for Uncle Sam. (Contractors are not subject to payroll taxes or fringe benefits.) 

  • Remember, YOU are in control. If a client is not a good fit, so be it. If you only want to work 3 hours a week, you can. And if they don't want to pay what you say, weigh your options and replace them if desired. 

This coaching program may be a good fit for you if: 

  • You have 2+ years experience in administrative/management, clerical, social media management, or marketing roles. We will do an assessment of your skill-set upon entrance of the program. 

  • You are looking to generate additional income while working a full or part time job.

  • You are looking to build a business or create a career in a field that is rapidly growing.

  • You desire to be a business owner but are not interested in MLM, network marketing programs, or high cost start-up companies.

  • You are accountable.

  • You are hardworking.

  • You are consistent.

  • You are reliable. 

  • You are an organized, motivated self-starter.

  • You are committed.

  • You are 100% interested in becoming a virtual assistant.

Below you will find detailed information on our session breakdowns and pricing. If you find that you are SERIOUSLY interested in learning how to build a life working from ANYWHERE, please fill out the application below and be sure to specify which course you are interested in. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share the tools and tricks that have helped me not only replace a full time income, but make more than I could have ever dreamed! 

This will not be easy. It will require a TON of hard work and effort. There will be times that your head will feel like it is going to explode from information overload. But if you stick with me, we will get you well on your way to experiencing freedom from your, maybe not-so-great, 9-5. Or to adding just a little extra income. 

The beauty is, YOU get to chose! 

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